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Machine Vision-Based Data Capture and Barcode Scanning Solutions for the Food and Healthcare Industries

Promote DSCSA and FSMA compliance while improving operational productivity and efficiency.

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Reduce human intervention
Traceability for DSCSA compliance
Improve bottom line benefit
Tailored for Each Client

Transform your end-to-end inventory management process using long-range machine vision scanning solutions.

At SG Labs, we build custom solutions for each client using our proprietary hardware and software technology solutions.

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Our vision-based solution helps to solve the challenges of the traditional inventory management processes leading to higher operational efficiency and reduced costs.

Exceptions Management

The DSCSA 2024 (serialization) compliance is expected to cause a significant increase in the number of exceptions management cases. The QIC scan unit can help you streamline your exceptions handling process and set you up for success with DSCSA compliance.



Automate your outbound palletization process using our multi-camera fixed station scanning solution. Our solution helps you streamline the process of confirming that the right packages are on the right pallet, and that the pallet is assigned to the right truck with the correct count of packages, without the manual effort of scanning each package using handguns or mobile cameras.


Cycle Counts..and more!

Streamline your inventory count process using our mobile and tablet solutions pre-installed with our proprietary software package providing real time data, insights and alerts.

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A high-tech solution at a low-cost model.


Our proprietary software package is built to capture 1D, 2D and Data Matrix barcodes per GS1 standards. With machine learning capabilities built in, the software is capable of reading the codes even from a distance and in low lighting conditions.


We use the best-in- class hardware to perform all on-board computing necessary for image processing to detect the tags with highest accuracy.

Data Capture

Our on-board computer has built-in capability to process multiple data points with minimal processing power at very high speeds.

Data API

Our standard API layer allows any system integrator to simply take the data capture from the on-board computer and consume for further integrations with inventory management systems / dash boarding purpose.

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