Case Study
DSCSA Exceptions Management for a Fortune 20 Company

Discover how we helped reduce manual touchpoints and increased employee productivity with this low-cost customized implementation.


A Fortune 20 company and one of the largest distributors within the Healthcare industry was looking to streamline the Exceptions management process.


The DSCSA 2024 (serialization) compliance is expected to cause a significant increase in instances of products that need research and supporting details captured to determine whether the inventory can be placed into saleable inventory (an Exception which is placed into a Quarantine status within the Warehouse Management System ).


Pain Points

The current process for Exceptions management was long and time-consuming with multiple human touch points. The process involved taking manual pictures of the quarantined packages from all sides, emailing the pictures to the company-specified email ID, downloading the pictures and then manually creating a ticket within the exceptions portal by typing the GTIN number, Lot number, Serial number and so on.

The whole process took around 5-6 min per package and was plagued by issues such as blurry pictures, typing errors, size limitations on email attachments and more.

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The QIC scan unit was implemented to automate the whole process. The QIC scan unit comes fully equipped with high-resolution cameras, a powerful computing processor, a touchscreen monitor and our proprietary software package to automate the end-to-end process. The QIC scan unit can automatically capture high-resolution barcode images from all sides for any product and package ranging from 10 cm to up to 2ft, covering over 90% of the use cases within the Exceptions management project. Once the images are captured, the software parses the data into GTIN number, Lot Number, iLPN (Inbound license plate number), Expiry date and so on to associate the image with the metadata and then submit it to the exceptions management portal.

By implementing the QIC scan unit, the team cut down the exception handling process time from 5-6 min per package to 5-6 sec per package, resulting in an extremely high ROI on the project. The QIC scan units have been placed across 30 distribution centers nationwide.

case study

Planning, Implementation & Support

Initially, we installed 2 QIC scan units for a 90-day pilot period. During the pilot phase, we worked closely with over 50 team members from multiple divisions including the client network team, architecture team, business owners, security and risk team, PMO team and more to learn about the client’s current processes and requirements. We then worked diligently to customize/optimize our solution to meet all the requirements in a timely manner. Once we were able to achieve the desired results, the team came up with a meticulous implementation and support plan ensuring a smooth rollout of the new units across all the distribution centers.

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